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june 18 - june 22

What does representation mean? How is it possible to create life-like artwork? Does it have to look exactly the same to be realistic? This week, our students will explore these questions in a playful way in drawing and illustrating classes like...

Name Art Cards

An Introduction to Typography & Drawing. Students will use markers, pens, and pencils to create free-association, hand-drawn illustrations in the form of Name Art Cards.

Introduction to Drawing

Students will explore different drawing techniques. They will focus on shape, contrast, perspective and more. They will draw something from around the art center.


Introduction to Portraiture

Students will either draw a self-portrait using mirrors or will take turn drawing each other. The focus will be on proportion, composition and stylization and capturing the essence. Photos will be taken for future reference.

Life-Size Silhouette Paper-Cuts 

Students will create Kara Walker-inspired life-size paper cut shadow puppets of themselves in interesting poses. They will learn about the human figure, positive and negative space and working large scale.


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June 25- June 29, 2018

Artists express themselves through art. But how does an artist do that? What materials can he or she use? And what techniques are there? Our students will find out this week with painting classes such as...

Introduction to Painting

Students will create colorful designs using Sumie Ink / Watercolor techniques. They will experiment with  the flow of wet media, wet in wet, stroke weight and pigmentation, while painting scenes of the summer.

Experimenting with Acrylic paint 

During life/observation exercises the students will mix, apply, blend and use other Acrylic painting techniques.

Over-painting expressive portraits

Students will create expressive portraits and discover how color can evoke moods and feelings.

Musical Moods

Students will get an introduction to abstract expressionism with an emphasis on movement and rythm.

There are no classes in the week of July 2 - July 8 

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July 9 - July 13

This week the students will get an introduction in printmaking. Different materials and techniques will be used, while the students learn more about abstract art. Some of the classes offered are...

Abstract Monotypes

Students will create Tinfoil / Acetate Monotypes with their fingers and other mark-making tools.

Sumerian-Inspired Cylinder Seals

Students will create original symbols and design cylinder seals which will be used to create impressions in salt dough / air dry modelling clay.

Geometric Collagraphs

Students will form shapes, planes and textures with cardboard and will use relief printmaking techniques to create abstract collagraphs.

Kitchen Lithography

Students will create a black and white blow up scale of a natural object by using kitchen lithography, based on science and artist Georgia O'Keeffe.

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July 16 - July 20

Nature and art have always gone hand in hand. Artists have always been inspired by nature or used materials from nature. So will our students...

Leaf Print Mandalas

Students will use different types and textures of leaves to create Mandalas, with a focus on symmitry.

Spirit Animal Tokens

Students will collect pebbles and rocks and will use Acrylic paint and fine brushes to paint images of animals and create animal tokens. Fine motor skills will be developed.

Dyeing with Natural Materials

Students will use an assortment of natural dyes and materials from nature as well as fabrics to create art.

Nature Mobiles

Students will use materials gathered from a nature walk to create multi-colored nature mobiles.

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community & identity

July 23 - July 27

Students will use mixed media this week to explore how important it is to be yourself and how valuable community is. There are several classes that playfully touch on these important themes, like...

Collaged Boxes

Students will use boxes, picture frames, newspapers, photographs, magazines and other materials to create collaged boxes about who they are, where they come from and/or where they are going.

Hybrid creatures

Students will use different materials and recycle products to create their own hybrid creature. 

Continue Hybrid creatures

Students will continue with the project from the previous day.


Students will create a Greek-inspired Mosaic that will show that many individual pieces can create a wonderful unity. 

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around the world

july 30 - August 3

This week, the students will study different types of art from different cultures around the world and in different time periods to start to understand historical and cultural contexts of art. The classes are focused on sculpture:

Ancient Egyptian-Inspired Reliefs

Students will built a relief using a soft material that will harden into a relief sculpture.

Japanese-Inspired Origami Structures

Students will learn the Japanese art of paper folding.

Polinasian-Inspired Tiki Masks

Students will create wearable masks that show exaggerated facial features like the Polinasian Tiki Masks.

African-Inspired Tribal Bowls

Students will mold multi colored tissue paper balloon bowls.