MRAC 2019 Classes

The MRAC offers different classes throughout the year, by professional artists and teachers. We hope you do not only learn new artistic skills, but that you become a member of our creative community, whatever your level. The summer classes are specifically for kids; a great opportunity to spend the summer vacation in a creative way among friends! If you are looking for a class we don't offer, don't hesitate to contact us and we can check our network to see if we can start a new class.

On this page you can find a short overview of the classes on offer, but each class has a link to additional information. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: Leah Macdonald (curriculum director) at or phone 610.247.9964.

Interested in a single workshop to celebrate a birthday party for kids? We provide an inspirational location, an enthusiastic teacher and all the needed materials, you bring the food and drink! Give us a call and we help you to realize your dream event for an affordable price! Contact Leah and get this party started! Phone: 610.247.9964.


2019 Kids Summer Camp Classes

The program for the Kids Summer Classes 2019 is out! From June 10 till August 16 we offer creative classes for kids aged 4 to 12 revolving different topics and using different techniques and materials. But most of all: it is great fun!

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Sneak Peek

Our Sneak Peek workshops are designed for you to get to know our Art Center, the teachers and the classes before investing in a series of classes or materials. Try different workshops throughout the day! We have Kids and Adults Sneak Peeks and materials are included. Sneak Peek Winterfest starts with adult sneak peeks on January 12th and continues with kids sneak peeks on January 19th.

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Family Drop-In Saturdays

Looking for a creative way to spend some quality time as a family?! These classes are geared for (smaller) children (age 3-11) to attend alongside their guardian. Each class will begin with a tour of Manayunk Roxborough Art Center facilities, followed by a short story that will relate to a craft. Media will vary every time, ranging from painting, to mixed media, to printmaking. Sing up beforehand or drop in unexpectedly, it is your call!

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Fundamentals of Portraiture with Mateus Costa

Mateus Costa is back with his successful class ‘Fundamentals of Portraiture’ for all levels. They say Portraiture is among the most difficult specialties to conquer in the arts, but Mateus is most qualified to get you there. He has extensive experience and hosted a successful art exhibition of portraits at both MRAC and RDC galleries in 2018.

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Fundamentals of Still Life Painting with Mateus Costa

This class will focus on technique and composition when it comes to Still Lives, although the techniques learned can be applied to other subjects as well. Professional artist Mateus Costa will guide both beginners and more experienced artists and will share the secrets of realism.

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Drawing with Donald Stephens

This course is good for all levels for a full understanding of Drawing and its connection to creativity. The course does not only focus on technique of drawing, but also on an understanding of the creative process.

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Painting with Donald Stephens

This course focuses on color and the process of creating a water based painting from start to finish. Theory of color, understanding materials and the build up of a painting will be discussed and experimented with, while tackling the challenges of a still-life.

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Discovering Digital Photography with Leah Macdonald

In this class beginners will learn the ability to use their DSLR cameras more effectively. Students utilize design principles in order to create more compelling photographs. Students are able to communicate their ideas with technical control as well as learn creative concepts.

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