Lets Draw! with Donald Stephens

Lets Draw! with Donald Stephens


Let's Draw!!
So you say you want to draw that scene that you love, but you don’t know where to start? Okay! You want to paint, but your drawing skills aren’t what you think they should be? Okay! Or you need to get back into the fundamentals to push forward in your creative endeavors? Okay! How about “I can only do stick figures”, then "Let’s Draw" with Donald Stephens. Don will assist in the understanding of drawing and observation to create any image needed from still life to figure drawing. Through the understanding of line, shape, form (space the final frontier), light (tonality) and surface movement will challenge all levels on their creative journey.

In this series of 8 classes you can expect to obtain the ability to translate surroundings to drawings, you gain the ability to create more than 'stick figures' and you will be directly encouraged to understand personal creative abilities. 

This class will be held every Tuesday from 6-8 pm for 8 weeks and starts October 2, 2018.

Costs: $180.  Materials not included (a list of essentials will be provided).

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