Fundamentals of Portraiture! with Mateus Costa

Fundamentals of Portraiture! with Mateus Costa


Fundamentals of Portraiture II (beginners and more advanced)

In this class Mateus Costa will guide you through the fundamentals of a specific subject: the portrait. Mateus will help you to develop your skill to ‘see’, which is key to successful portraiture. Furthermore, he will help you to relate to form and give you an understanding of how light effects form. All the techniques he teaches can be applied to drawing or painting all sorts of subjects, but Mateus will focus specifically on the art of portraiture and all difficulties you might encounter with this particular subject.

This class builds on the earlier classes of ‘Fundamentals of Portraiture’, but new students are welcome to join, since the different topics that are discussed in the class can be applied by the students at their own level.

This class will be held every Saturday from 10 am – 1 pm for 8 weeks and starts March 17th 2018.

Costs: $120,-, materials not included (a list of essentials will be provided).

Mateus also invites students to accompany him during drawing sessions that are being held over the course of 2018 for a special project: Mateus is drawing all the members of the MRAC. You can join him and practice your learned skills with a live model!

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