Our Winter Classes

The MRAC offers different classes throughout the year, by professional artists and teachers. We hope you do not only learn new artistic skills, but that you become a member of our creative community, whatever your level. We have fall, winter, spring and summer classes. The summer classes are specifically for kids. If you would like to join a class we don't offer, don't hesitate to contact us and we can check our network to see if we can start a new class.

For questions or to sign up for a class, you can contact our curriculum director: Leah Macdonald at learnartmrac@gmail.com or phone 610.247.9964. 

Let's Draw!!

So you say you want to draw that scene that you love, but you don’t know where to start? Okay! You want to paint, but your drawing skills aren’t what you think they should be? Okay! Or you need to get back into the fundamentals to push forward in your creative endeavors? Okay! How about “I can only do stick figures”, then "Let’s Draw" with Donald Stephens. Don will assist in the understanding of drawing and observation to create any image needed from still life to figure drawing. Through the understanding of line, shape, form (space the final frontier), light (tonality) and surface movement will challenge all levels on their creative journey.

In this series of 6 classes you can expect to obtain the ability to translate surroundings to drawings, you gain the ability to create more than 'stick figures' and you will be directly encouraged to understand personal creative abilities. 

This class will be held every Tuesday from 7-9 pm for 6 weeks and starts January 30th 2018.

Costs: $120,-, materials not included (a list of essentials will be provided).

What Color is that!! 

How come when I paint, my color seems to turn to mud or my color is flat? How about you want to paint, but don’t know where to start and what color to start with? What Color is That!! with Donald Stephens teaches the concepts and basic processes of water based or oil based painting: Color theory basics, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary and all other color movements. You also learn about the understanding of surfaces and their preparation including canvas construction. Finally, you will be challenged through the study of Photographs and Still Life Painting.

In this series of 6 classes you will appreciate additive and subtractive color and its properties, you will gain the ability to identify colors in visual space, you will get a working knowledge of water-based or oil based paints and you will learn how to create landscapes, a still life and so much more.

This class will be held every Thursday from 7-9 pm for 6 weeks and starts February 1st 2018.

Costs: $180,-, materials not included (a list of essentials will be provided).

Fundamentals of Portraiture

In this class Mateus Costa will guide you through the fundamentals of a specific subject: the portrait. Mateus will help you to see in the way that is required to be successful. He will help you to relate to form and give you an understanding of how light effects form and how to 'map' ourselves in the understanding of shapes. All the techniques he teaches can be applied to drawing or painting all sorts of subjects, but Mateus will focus specifically on the art of portraiture and all difficulties you might encounter with this particular subject.

Mateus also invites students to accompany him during drawing sessions that are being held over the course of 2018 for a special project: Mateus is drawing all the members of the MRAC. You can join him and practice your learned skills with a live model!

This class will be held every Saturday from 9 am - noon for 6 weeks and starts January 20th 2018.

Costs: $120,-, materials not included (a list of essentials will be provided).

Teen photography

This workshop is perfect for teens who want to get the most out of their photography, using a traditional camera or a phone camera. In a playful but down to earth manner Leah Macdonald focuses on practical ways to improve your skills. She will show you some of her tricks as a professional artist and photographer, that benefit you instantly and you can test on the spot!

This workshop will be held on Sunday February 25th, from 2 - 5 pm.

Costs: $40,-, bring your own camera.

Private photography lessons

Leah Macdonald offers private photography lessons at a rate of $25,- per hour. For more information, contact Leah directly by phone 610.247.9964.

Celebrate your birthday party at the MRAC!

Looking for a creative way to celebrate your birthday?! We offer custom workshops for birthday parties. Whether you are 8 or 80, we can offer a festive and entertaining afternoon for you and your family or friends to celebrate your birthday. We provide an inspirational location, an enthusiastic teacher and all the needed materials, you bring the food and drink! Contact Leah for possibilities and prices and lets get this party started!

learnartmrac@gmail.com or phone 610.247.9964