Betwixt - Megan Lee

Opening reception: August 6, 2017, Noon - 3pm

Show continues August 12, 13, 2017, 11am - 3pm

Artist Statement

Betwixt: /bɪˈtwɪkst/ (archaic) 1. another word for between. 2.betwixt and between, in an intermediate, indecisive, or middle position; not fully or properly either of two things.

This work is the space between the light and the dark; the last breaths between life and death. Preservation of this moment, of this spirit, of this feeling.

This work is betwixt, it grows bones from contradiction and settles like dust, like used up skin of lovers and strangers on the back of your hand or in between your floorboards. Helping to hold you up.

They are the marks that are born between beauty and abject feelings, abject faces.

The twists that shape up between painting and sculpture. The tales that lie between opinion and fact.

They are unscented sensations.

The vibration between what's tactile and what's visual. Smooth and salty, sticky, scratched.

Seeing texture, our eyes become our hands.

They are the soul between the body and mind; substantial and still effervescent.

Sprinkled with pigment ground from the synthetic plastics and organic juice, ancient and brand new.

The stitches between what’s called Fine Art and what’s sneered as craft .

The pause between additive gesture and subtractive scours. The thoughts between subversive action and colloquial decisions.

They are the home between what is hidden and what is plain. Secrets even whispered lose their name.

My work embodies the spirit of ambivalence: incredibly stuck between two courses of action. Faux indifference that comes from passionate indecision, creation from passivity, accidents made from decisions. They are and are not. They speak to humanity. They speak to us.

—Megan Lee Wenger, 2017