Sunday March 10th 2019 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM:

OVERBROOK POETS, located at Manayunk/Roxborough Art Center located at 419 Green Lane (rear) in Philadelphia,
will be featuring a reading by the Overbrook Poets on Sunday, March 10, 3:00 to 5:30pm. The group includes Bill Van Buskirk, William Burrison, Eileen D’Angelo, Ray Greenblatt, Peter Krok, Agnes Moncy, Richard Moyer, Gloria Parker, Tree Riesener, Fereshteh Sholevar and Robert Zaller. Robert Zaller will be reading poems of his departed wife, Lili Bita, who was an integral part of the Overbrook Poets. Light refreshments will be served. A $4.00 donation is requested.

The poets will be reading selections from their newly released book, Voices in the Stream (1983 – 2018). The Overbook Poets, founded in 1983, have been gathering together since then. Peter Krok and Ray Greenblatt are the remaining founders of the group. The reading is dedicated to the memory of Lili Bita who was a member of the Overbrook poets.

Light refreshments will be served.

A $4.00 donation is requested.

The following poets will be participating in the program:

  Bill Burrison:


Written five book-length manuscripts of poetry and is working on a collection of short stories called, In University City. Three times he has been a recipient of the Playwriting Fellowship of the Arts Council of Pennsylvania. Burrison has received 3 Pennsylvania Arts Council fellowships as a playwright.Also a poet, fiction writer, and critic, his poetic take on horror movies, "The Ride to The Count's Castle," has been performed 3 times at Philadelphia art centers.

Bill Van Buskirk:


A professor of Management at LaSalle College and lives in Bryn Mawr.
His poems have appeared in “The Comstock Review,” “The Paterson Literary Review,” “LIPS,”
“The Mad Poets’ Review” and many others. His chapbook received an honorable mention in the Jesse Bryce Niles Chapbook contest (2007). His book, This Wild Joy that Thrills Outside the Law, won the Joie de vivre contest sponsored by the Mad Poets’ Review (2010).

Eileen M. D’Angelo:


Has been published in “Rattle,” “Manhattan Poetry Review,” “Paterson Literary Review,” “Drexel Online Journal,” “Wild River Review,” “Philadelphia Stories,” “Philadelphia Poets” and others. As Director of Mad Poets Society, she has produced over 1500 special events and readings in the Delaware Valley, when she isn't working full-time as a paralegal.

Ray Greenblatt’s:


A writer for the “Schuylkill Valley Journal” and General Eclectic. Greenblatt’s prose has appeared in “Drexel Online Journal,” “English Journal,” and “Joseph Conrad Today.” His poetry he has work in “America,” International Poetry Review,” and “Midwest Quarterly.” His experimental novel Twenty Years on Graysheep Bay is available online.

Peter Krok:


Humanities director of the Manayunk Roxborough Art Center and the Editor-in-Chief of the “Schuylkill Valley Journal” (SVJ) Print and SVJ online at He is known as the “red brick poet” because of his connection with the city. His book, Looking For An Eye, was published Foothills Press in 2008. His poem, “10 PM at a Philadelphia Recreation Center,” was included in Commonwealth: Contemporary Poets on Pennsylvania.

Agnes Moncy:


Taught Spanish and film at Temple University.  She has published numerous translations of Spanish novels and poetry.  Her translation of Benito Perez Galdos’ 4 volume masterpiece, Fortunata and Jacinto (UGA, 1984, Viking 1985) was also a Penguin classic (1986).

Richard W. Moyer:


Has published in over twenty-five poetry publications including the “Schuylkill Valley Journal,” “The Mad Poets Review,” “Nerve Cowboy,” “The Thin Coyote,” “Free Verse,” and “Small Pond Magazine of Literature.” He has published two books of poetry. His poetry has an irresistible humor and sardonic tone. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Harvard and two Master’s Degrees in English from the University of Richmond and Temple University.

Gloria Parker:


Is a retired elementary school teacher. Her poems have appeared in “Prairie Schooner,” “Margie,” “Slipstream,” “Loch Raven Review,” “Mad Poets Review,” “Rattle” and “Nimrod.”

Tree Riesener:


Newest book is Sleepers Awake, a collection of short fiction, winner of Hidden River Arts’ Eludia Award.  Her two books of poetry are EK, from Cervena Barva Press, and The Hubble Cantos, a collection of poems inspired by astronomy, from Aldrich Press. She writes provocative poetry of spiritual surrealism, political gnosticism and permutations of love.  She blogs at

Fereshteh Sholevar:


Born in Tehran, Iran. Her poetry does not belong to one culture. She has spent half of her life in Europe and the U.S. She has published five books of poetry, two of which are bilingual; German and Spanish. A new book of poetry Between Dust and chocolate is a collection of short stories. Sholevar immigrated to Germany and then the USA in 1978. She received a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Rosemont College. She is the winner of 3 poetry awards and has written 6 books of poetry as well as a novel.

Robert Zaller:


Poet, historian, and critic, was recognized as Distinguished University Professor of History at Drexel University. He is the author of three books of poetry, The Year One and Lives of the Poet and Speaking to Power, which was published by Moonstone Press. Zaller has written two books on Robinson Jeffers, The Cliffs of Solitude and The American Sublime.

Lili Bita:


Inducted into the prestigious Hellenic Authors Society, the oldest literary society in Greece. A Greek poet, actress and musician, she performed widely and has been translated internationally. Among many works, she is best known for her last book which is a third revised edition of her acclaimed love poems, Fleshfire.

This reading is dedicated to Lili Bita who exuded an unequalled fervor and delight in spreading the spirit of the Muse. She gave to poetry her soul.

Peter Krok, the Humanities Director of the Manayunk Roxborough Art Center (MRAC), hosts and coordinates the Sunday series, which is now in its twenty ninth year. For information about literary programs at the MRAC contact Peter Krok at