June 5 - July 14

Nature and art have always gone hand in hand.
Artists have always been inspired by nature or used materials from nature to create art, and so will our students

June 5
Nature Journal

Students will reclaim an old book using it to press flowers, leaves, ect. Pages will be replaced with drawing paper and students can draw plants in the book from observation

June 8
Nature Collage

Students will collect natural materials to create a nature collage, leaves, flower
petals, sticks, stones, tree bark

Elmers glue, hot glue, cardboard

June 9
Insects Made from Natural Objects

Students will hot glue different plant materials and then paint
them to create insects.

June 12

Students will use different plants to imprint into clay, creating nature fossils

Clay, plants, leaves

June 15
Painting Natural Objects

Students will find sticks, rocks, pine cones, tree bark and paint them, begin to understand painting on a 3D surface

June 16
Nature Prints

Students will use leaves, flowers , fruits and veggies as stamps to create prints

June 19
Sea creatures

Students will paint / draw sea creatures using, crayons & watercolor. Crayon
watercolor resist

Watercolor, crayon, watercolor paper

June 22
Nature paint brushes

Students will use sticks, grasses, pine needles and string to create their own paint brushes and then create a painting out of them

June 23
Macro View

Students will look at images of nature shot with a macro lens and create a drawing
based on the photo

Oil pastel, watercolor paper

June 26
Nature Magnets

Students can use pressed materials from their nature journal and glue it to salt dough and apply a magnet to the back to create their own nature magnet

June 29
Nature Mandala

Students will use found leaves, sticks, stones and work together to create a nature mandala

June 30
Nature dream catcher

Students will use sticks, feathers, leaves, pine cones and string to create a nature dream catcher

July 6
Nature Mobile

Students will use sticks strings and painted organic materials like leaves and pine cones to create a nature mobile

July 7
Tissue paper flowers

Folding, cutting and pulling tissue paper in a specific way students will create flowers

July 10

Students will create bees using pom poms and pipe cleaner, students will paint a mural of the bees habitat and apply bees and flowers from previous lesson to the mural

July 13 and 14
Life Cycles

Students will study life cycles of plants and animals and then create circular drawings or collages to depict the stages of the cycles

Around the World

July 17 - August 18


Students will study different types of art from different cultures around the world and in different time periods to start to understand historical and cultural contexts of art


July 17th
Papunya Dot paintings

Students will study aboriginal papunya paintings and create dot paintings inspired by them

July 20
Native American Totem Poles

Students will study totem poles of native people and create their own totem poles by drawing on construction paper, cutting it and assembling it onto
cardboard from paper towel rolls

July 21
Japanese Landscape Painting

Students will study japanese landscape painting and use watercolor to depict deep space

July 24
African Masks

Students will use poster board and collage and paint a mask inspired by african masks

July 27

Students will practice creating rangoli designs on their own, we will then work together to create one design and use colored rice to create the design

July 28
Aztec Calendar

Students will study aztec calendars and symbology and then create their own version creating their own symbols

July 31
Zellij Moroccan tile work

Students will study tile work and then create a mosaic inspired by it, they will start as drawings as a guide for the final piece

August 3
Cave paintings

Students will study cave paintings and use stencils and spray bottles of paint to create their own cave paintings, they will also use oil pastels and craft paper

August 4
Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Students will write down a few things they worry about, then they will use yarn and popsicle sticks to create their own worry doll, they will glue the writings of their worries to the wood base of the doll and encapsulate it in yarn, literally placing their worries in the doll

August 7
Henna Hands

Students will study henna and create their own designs, tracing their hands and drawings the design on the hand

August 10
Chinese Fans

Students will study chinese fans and then paint their own designs on paper, then accordion fold it and use popsicle sticks as a base

August 11
Sumerian Cylinder Seals

Students will create symbols and cut them out sticker foam and place it on a cardboard roll and make impressions on clay

August 14
Near East Metal Working

Students will study Near East metal working and then use create designs using glue on paper, once glue dries, students will paint over it using metallic paint

August 17
Chinese Lanterns

Students will study chinese lanterns and create their own versions using poster board, construction paper and tissue paper

August 18
Mexican Mirrors

Students will study examples of mexican mirrors and create their own version by collaging and drawing a border around a piece of tin foil